4 Reasons to Blog as an Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, blogging has been one of my passions because I get to share my thoughts in sort of an open forum, allowing for others to constructively criticize me, creating intellectual dialogues and perhaps teaching me something new. Other times, I just do it to get my thoughts out on paper, as a way to relieve stress. But let me note 4 reasons why entrepreneurs should blog, and elaborate on some of the points that I already noted.

1. Establish yourself as a thought leader in your fields of specialty

As a blogger, you can write about your specific fields of specialty, sharing opinions about the industry, experiences using different techniques and strategies, and providing helpful tips for others trying to mimic the way you’ve done things for your business, and by doing this, providing valuable content for others to read and learn from, you are positioning yourself as a thought leader and expert in what you do.
2. Share your thoughts and experiences with other entrepreneurs
Blogging shouldn’t be a selfless thing, in fact, think about all the times that other, more seasoned entrepreneurs, and even your peers gave you advice in growing your business. They gave their time and shared their wisdom with you, and now it’s your turn to do the same for others by blogging about your thoughts and experiences and hopefully someone else might gain something from reading your posts.
3. Network with other thinkers and your audience
Blogging is a really great way to connect with others, whether it be linking to great stories they wrote and adding commentary or simply replying to comments to those who went out of their way to add a thought to your published post.
4. Put your thoughts on paper allowing you to think through them clearly
Blogging is also a useful meditation method, letting you pour out your thoughts and take a step back to think about them clearly. Visualizing your thoughts on paper is much easier than trying to think through them just in your head. It’s a fact that you’ll expense a lot of mental energy remembering things and trying to manage them as thoughts, versus actually writing them down and organizing them on a more tangible medium.

Danny Wong blogs about startups and things at HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb. Danny Wong is also the co-founder of startups Blank Label, Thread Tradition and RE:custom, housed under the Blank Label Group company.

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