The short, unabridged history of the Internet

One of our team members here at StartupNation found, with some astonishment, a website that has cataloged websites at their various stages of development since their inception.

The website,, has literally created an archive stretching way back to the beginning of Internet time.

They have a feature called “The Wayback Machine” (at the top of the homepage) that allows you to type in a website and it then provides what the site looked like at moments in time over the years.

We typed in and were amazed to see ony 1.3 million total products available for auction on their homepage! And at that time, that seemed like a huge number – today that’s a fraction of one category at their site!

So, if you’re curious about the history and evolution of sites over time, the link above will be a blast (from the past) for you.

Oh, and we’d be curious to know if you find any particularly interesting website histories – share the URLs in the comments below…

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