Welcome to the Party: Blogging

By now, You have probably heard that you NEED a blog.  Blogging for business is not only crucial to keep your website fresh, but to show your customers and potential audience who you are, what you do, and what you know BEST. Right now, you may be saying that sounds easier than it really is.  It is actually not that hard once you find your inner groove.

At first, blogging and finding your writing voice can be hard at points, but it is crucial.  Whether you write for your own blog on your site and/or publish guest posts, blogging helps grow your pipeline, it promotes your business, and creates curiosity in YOUR own brand.

The first step is accepting the invitation to the party and actually show up to blog!

After that, here are 5 easy ways to Mind Your Manners while Blogging that will help you avoid being the outcast of the party.

  1. BYOV – Bring Your Own Voice. Insert your own unique voice into the post.  Essentially, a blog is a communication from you, a flavor of who you are, a chance to know you.  If you act like someone else, it is cheating.  Bring Your Own Voice to the post, and let yourself shine through.  Let the readers hear what you sound like in life.
  2. Make sure everyone leaves with a party favor. Provide tips or tricks that help or teach.  Whether it be a list or woven into the body of your blog, give your readers something to take with them.  We all love goodie bags, so allow your readers to part ways feeling happy and satisfied.
  3. No one likes a cash bar. When you invite someone to your party, I mean to read your blog, they are your guest.  Avoid selling them something while they are getting to know you.  Make a good impression and show off your knowledge and personality, and after a few times the sale will find you.
  4. Get a new pick-up line. Use fresh copy and unique content when posting and/or guest posting.  Just as hearing the same pick-up line over and over is awful, reusing content is dull.  Look to current events and life experiences to inspire fun, new ways to weave a message into a post.
  5. Capture your crowd. You would not plan the same party for a First Holy Communion as you would for Mardi Gras, so when guest posting get to know the platform first.  Get a feel for the crowd, and plan your post accordingly.  Take a look at the readers/comments on a site and read some of the current material to understand the market.

Remember:  Don’t accept every invitation to guest post so that you are worn out and cannot be the life of your own party!

For more on the sights, sounds, and tastes of blogging, read here.

Have fun Blogging!

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