More methods for building a large contact list

Last time I talked about how to build a contact list by networking at trade shows. Today I want to tell you about some other methods that I've found useful for building my own contact lists.  


are a great way to build relationships with customers. By giving a
seminar, you're giving your clients a bonus service. Just remember to
bring a sign-up form with you to build your list.

One effective
technique is to offer advanced registration for the seminar using a
sign-up form. On the form, you can ask permission to send updates to
customers during the promotion. This helps you develop a relationship
with people who are unable to attend a particular seminar, but are
interested in receiving information.

Point-of-Sale Sign up Forms

you're a retailer, you are in an ideal position to bolster your contact
list. Consider adding a point-of-sale form that offers a free
subscription to your newsletter. Just make sure that you explain the
benefits of signing up. People are more likely to want to hear your
message if you offer coupons, special news updates and valuable
content. It's also a good idea to explain how often you broadcast a
newsletter. You want your customers to rest assured that they won't be


Parties, concerts, gallery openings, or
any other occasion where people gather provide an opportunity to build
your email address list. If you host the event, consider having the
guests fill in a registration form or leave their contact info at a
check-in booth. Make sure that you give them incentives to join your
list. And always ask permission. If you’re hosting such an event,
consider having your guests fill in a registration form or go to a
check-in booth to leave their contact information. Another possibility
is to have an associate with a clipboard work the room. Just make sure
your associate knows to explain the benefits for joining.

Next time, I'll share some tips with you about how to build an effective sign-up form.

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