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Repeat Business: How to Grow It in 3 Easy Steps

How to Grow Repeat Business in Three Easy Steps

Building your customer base is a huge step in the “getting started” process for entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, even once you grow yourself a solid customer base, the trick is keeping them around. Having repeat customers can separate the little guys and the giants in an industry. And it’s all in the technique. Here are three ways to grow repeat business and keep your customers coming back for more:

Create Genuine Relationships

The best way to create regular customers is to make a customer feel like a regular. Customers want to feel like they have a special connection with your company. Make a point to get to know them. I often encourage my employees to drift from the topic at hand if they have a second. Say an employee is waiting for a file to load online, or they are on hold with another line, they can use that time to chit chat with the customer and have a genuine conversation. They can talk about weekend plans or ask about where they grew up, etc. It’s in those moments that long-lasting, regular customers are created.

Follow Up With Interest In The Person, Not Their Business

Following up is usually about cashing in on a sale. Everyone knows that; the customer knows it and the employee knows it, but try to avoid shoving it down anybody’s throat. When making a follow-up call, ask about the customer first. How are they doing? Did they end up going to that baseball game they mentioned last time you were on the phone? And if the sale doesn’t work out and they’re not ready to close today, don’t get upset. Don’t shoo them off the phone, and definitely don’t be rude. Just because they’re not buying anything today doesn’t mean they won’t think of you next time, especially if you’ve provided them with nothing but positive interactions.

Welcome Your Customers Into Your Community

Online businesses often think they don’t need to get too involved with the community because their business is coming from all over the world. But small businesses, even of the online variety, can seriously benefit from making appearances at local events. Try and get involved at your local farmers market or set up a booth at the local college, put an ad in your local newspaper offering a deal for local customers. Customers get a sense of pride in giving their business to a local shop. Capitalize on that and get to know your local customers.

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