3 Amazing Small Business Resources

Small businesses have it good. They get all the attention from the media because they’re always fighting some incredible uphill battle against the titans of the industry like Amazon is for ecommerce. They also get tons of benefits from programs sponsored by Microsoft and other large companies looking to help small businesses get off the ground. Other entrepreneurs are also building great products and services catered to small businesses, which make building a small business easier than ever.

Here are a few small business resources I’ve had personal experience with and highly recommend:

1. Highrise

Built by the awesome team over at 37signals, Highrise has been the best solution for managing our professional contacts. While we don’t quite use it for CRM as Highrise is intended for, we use it to manage relationships we share within the company with other stakeholders, namely media contacts.

2. Acunote

For project management, Acunote makes it incredibly easy to delegate tasks, manage work flow, and properly handle time allocation. If you’ve got a tech team that needs to meet some goals, Acunote is the tool to use.

3. HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Software

From the company that has it all, HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Software system is a fantastic way for small businesses to manage their Inbound Marketing efforts including sophisticated SEO tracking and management, Social Media Management, and more.

Try some of these resources for yourself and let us know what you think!

Danny Wong is the co-founder for Blank Label Group, working with the startups Blank Label, Thread Tradition and RE:custom. He is also an undergraduate at Bentley University and blogs at HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb and ReadWriteWeb.

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