Patience…is it a virtue or an obligation?

03 May 2009

Kim Babjak

Kim Babjak was born to be an entrepreneur. From her childhood days of developing products, Kim has loved all aspects of business. However, the area that brings her the most joy is helping others achieve success. Armed with her dream of taking to market products she had been developing for years, Kim took a chance at becoming financially and emotionally free by starting and running her own business.

She wanted to create a company that would give her the flexibility to work around her children and family, give her the freedom to make her own decisions, and help other entrepreneur's achieve the type of success she had.

"I want to make people's lives easier, and that is just what I am doing" said Kim.

Along the way, Kim encountered many obstacles, and through her perseverance, is now the owner of a highly successful company whose consumer products sold on QVC America, QVC UK, Wal-Mart, Walgreen's and large catalogs internationally.

Kim is thrilled to take the experience and knowledge she has gained from starting and running her business, and now share it with others. Kim provides guidance and resources in the areas of product development, offshore manufacturing, importing and QVC consulting.

This highly energetic and personable entrepreneur is helping create the "American Dream, one Dreamer at a time!"Since launching her company in 1998, Kim Babjak of KimCo LLC, has been living her "American Dream" of success. While wearing many hats like mother, entrepreneur, business woman, author, speaker and QVC agent, Kim has designed and taken to market many of the consumer products she has designed over the years.

Her struggles and hurdles in the process have compelled her to develop a unique consulting program that helps entrepreneurs with finding, then living their own "American Dream." KimCo's new venture helps entrepreneurs get their products seen by millions on QVC or HSN, idea to paper product development, product prototyping and overseas manufacturing.
Always Dream Big!

Kim's four reason why she works so hard !


Now, I will tell you that I myself would have probably taken the lady aside and, well let’s say be frank about her behavior.  However, the young woman that she was assaulting was very hospitable to this cranky woman. So, I guess I have to practice what I preach also…..huh?

I was eating breakfast with my wonderful husband this morning, our regular Sunday ritual, when out of nowhere this 95 year old lady starts screaming and yelling about her order while standing in a line of 100 people. She was complaining that this was not right, that was mismatched and this was on the wrong plate….yhada…yhada….yhada!

In watching the older gal, I thought to myself, do we as a society have so little of patience that we are not obligated to be patience and respectful to others anymore? Do we live, or creating a society, that needs everything fast and furious, cheap and yet perfect at the expense of someones feelings?

Do we only have to rely on our own virtues barometer, which seem to be disappearing more and more, or are we obligated as a human race to be tolerant of even the most challenging of situations? Waiting for eggs does not register to me as a challenging situation, could you imagine this woman during a real crisis?

In business, we are obligated, in my opinion, to have patience, be respectful and tolerant of people and their quirkiness. For if we are not, we will struggle in business. I have had to deal with many, many instances where I had to exercise tolerance and patience even when I did not want to, or knew how to. I was impressed by this young woman’s ability to handle this type of tirade; she should run for some political office!

Moral of the story, have patience even when you do not feel like it. Be tolerant, and teach your kids these skills, for they are the future of the earth and business. Even if we do not have these skills in our internal virtues DNA, be obligated to practice patience and tolerance for a peaceful existence with one another!

Always Dream Big!

Kim Babjak