Post Here to Win a Sleek Dell Vostro V130 Laptop

Every now and then, I throw you a freebie. This is one of those occasions.

Here’s the deal: Dell has provided me with a Dell Vostro V130 laptop, and I’m so impressed, they’re allowing me to give one away for free to one entrepreneur winner among you!

Through this giveaway, you have a chance to win your own, brand-spankin’ new laptop. It’s Dell’s latest ultra thin, very light, highly functional, travel ready, productivity enabling computer.

See more here: Vostro V130 microsite. Or you can also click on this computer image (below).

If you follow the directions below, you may just win your own!

Giveaway Guidelines:

  • Post a comment below with your secret sauce advice (your tricks of the trade, not text book stuff!) on winning in any business situation you select. Could be something on fund raising. Could be on selling. Could be on managing cash flow, etc.
  • You may only post a comment once. But who knows, maybe you could cut a deal with your friends to post on your behalf…
  • To improve your odds of being selected, include in your comment a link to a similar comment you posted at the following Dell Vostro V130 Facebook page: Trade Secrets Facebook tab
  • Our team will weigh and consider all posts submitted below. (This won’t be easy and it will be pretty subjective given the fact that many of you will provide very valid advice. If that’s the case, we may end up doing the “close the eyes and put our finger” on a random winner.)
  • Entrants must be 18 and over and based in the U.S.
  • Deadline for entries is Feb. 12, 2011. StartupNation reserves the right to extend the deadline at its sole discretion.
  • Use of different email addresses for one individual contestant will result in disqualification.
  • The selected winner will be announced by StartupNation as a final posting in this blog entry. (The last comment under this post will be StartupNation’s announcement of the winner.) Entrants must monitor this blog on or after Feb 12, 2011 to learn whether they are a winner or not.
  • Instructions will be provided to the winner to enable delivery of the prize. If delivery instructions are not followed, StartupNation makes no assurance that the prize will be successfully provided to the winner. We sure hope that doesn’t happen!

So now let’s hear it. What’s your best advice for success in certain business situations. Fire away!

And good luck!


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