Practice Makes Perfect – So They Say

This week has slipped away from me without everything on my list being crossed off.  This is a tough concept for someone who likes to dot every i and cross every t by Friday mid-day.  There is nothing I can do. The weekend is here, and I have a full docket with my other job – being a mom.

Upon reflecting, I realize that this week held a lot of new adventures for me as a startup business person, and more than likely that is why I am behind in my list.  Tasks took a little longer, there was more problem solving, and a little educating was needed here and there this week.  It is hard to forgive ourselves when we fall behind simply because we are trying to do something the right way.

Although my yoga practice suffered this week, I did treat myself to attending an advanced workshop last weekend.  At the beginning of the class, our very wise instructor spoke about how as adults we often forget how long it takes us to learn something new.  We look at babies, and we know that they must learn to sit up, then crawl, then walk, and finally run.

We are not nearly as accepting of this type of process as we learn something new as adults. With every new business venture, there is a learning process.  We make mistakes, stumble upon small accomplishments, and slowly grow our successes.

It is so difficult to be pragmatic and learn and practice and wait to get to the TOP.  We want all our success immediately and up front (me included).  However, we must learn to crawl first so to speak.

So, even though I am disappointed that my to-do list not empty at the start of the weekend, I am trying to take pride that I learned something new and took a few baby steps without holding on this week.

Have a wonderful weekend.  Namaste, Rachel

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