StartupNation Member Goes on ABC’s SharkTank!

This just in, a long-standing StartupNation member, known in our community as GrillCharmer, is appearing on Shark Tank September 29. See her email to me below, which she’s given permission for me to share, abbreviated:

Hi Rich!
LONG time no talk!!  Anyway, I wanted to just say THANKS.  I cut my entrepreneurial teeth on SuN.  Remember when I first launched??? Oh and you were my first elevator pitch…  You totally called me out on reading it!!!  I was in the airport going to the QVC/Oprah open call for Oprah’s “Next Big Thing”!  Yeah… I bombed! Remember?? (at the time I didn’t even have a prototype)  Well, I just wanted to share with you my latest news and say THANK YOU.  Thank you for championing the cause of the start up.  Now for the exciting news!!!

Grill CharmsTM and I are making our NATIONAL TELEVISION PRIME TIME DEBUT!!!  Set your DVR for Tuesday September 29th at 8:00 for ABC’s Shark Tank (or better yet, watch it live)  To see the “teaser”  or promo for the show, go to minute 42 ish of Episode 7: (yes, you will have to see a commercial or two 😉

As far as the outcome of the show,  you’ll have to watch to see if I sink or swim in the Shark Tank (it’s not called “bunny tank” for a reason!)  but this show is extremely meaningful to me on so many levels beyond just the “business” aspect of exposing Grill CharmsTM to the masses (regardless of whether I get a deal or not).  Please tune in and it will all become clear why this is so important to me.   THANKS AGAIN Rich for being a truly important part of my journey to entrepreneurship!!  Spread the word 🙂  Thank you!

Humblest Regards,

Founder and President
Charmed Life Products LLC

GO LESLIE! I know you already know the outcome, but out here in TV land we’ve got high hopes for you.

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