Take me serious, or else!

Stella has it right.

How do we get taken seriously about being sister-preneurs. This may sound kinda funny for some, however, for those of us who know what this is like with a significant other….it is not a laughing matter. We want to be taken seriously.

 My husband, I love to death and have been with for 25 yrs… needs to be continually trained and educated on the principals of homemaker/entrepreneurism. I am sad to say that the topic of the current Sara Palin phenomenon that I do not understand; how can you be a mom and run the world?

 Well we can! We just need to delegate well.

 I will tell you that as a mother of FOUR boys, just last night I had to once again snap hubby back into the reality of mom-preneurism.

 It was our fourth child’s birthday, I ran around all day gathering items for the birthday, plus clean house, and I took off work to be with them as mommy….

 Then hubby gets off work, scott free from anything. At the end of the evening, me being tuckered out, asked hubby, who did -0- to help out with anything, complained when I asked him to rub my sore, tired feet……YIKES! (no matter how successful you are, or become, we all have the same problems, just on different days!)

 Moral of the story….men will always see us, consciously or unconsciously, (depends on what PhD you ask)as the one who takes care of the home, kids, HIM, and oh yes your home office thing!

 Girls….It is a matter of conditioning, reinforcement and firm commitment to ease/shift the home and kid responsibility to the family for help. Take care when doing this, do not cause tension, for that will ultimately cause more stress. Teach without them knowing they are being taught.

 My solution…..first talk and make clear your requests….

Second….if not responding…..reiterate your needs…

Third…..start going to dinner by yourself and movies, giving the family time to fend for themselves….

If all else fails…STRIKE!

 There has to be a balance of power and commitment for both sides, keep pressing until it is reached.

 Always Dream Big!

Kim Babjak

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