Three Big Startup Environments

Silicon Valley isn’t the only place that has investors, mentors, and billion dollar companies. The East Coast has Boston and New York City looking to even the playing field so that startups aren’t all forced to move out west if they want to grow.

All of these spaces are growing together as innovation gets easier and new technologies and business strategies are emerging to help new businesses become successful. Incubators and programs like TechStars and Y Combinator are also making things exciting by giving the right entrepreneurs with prospective businesses a jump start on their way to fame and glory.

I’m a proud member of the Boston startup environment and have a bias in saying that Boston is a growing space for startups, what with new initiatives started to foster entrepreneurship and cohesion in the community. For some of the latest success stories, think startups like RunKeeper, Scvngr and HubSpot. As a native New Yorker, and a follower of industry news, I also see that NYC is an incredible startup environment. Great examples here are Kickstarter, Gilt, Etsy and Shapeways.

Then there is Silicon Valley which needs no introduction or supporting points to say it’s a great place for startups. Let’s just hope the East Coast can keep up and maybe even overtake the West. I’m all for keeping entrepreneurs on the East Coast, because every part of the country needs a bit more innovation.

Danny Wong is the Brand Manager for Blank Label Group, working with the startups Blank Label, Thread Tradition and RE:custom. Danny also blogs at HuffingtonPost, TheNextWeb, and ReadWriteWeb. Danny also works with custom jewelry shop, GemKitty.

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