Spring Cleaning

In my last post, I talked about using contests as an
alternative method for tracking your email newsletters. Having an occasional
contest can provide you with an opportunity to see which of your customers are
truly interested in your company. In honor of the beginning of the spring
season, today I will discuss how cleaning out and organizing your email inboxes
can help you be a better and more efficient email marketer.

As an entrepreneur or business owner that uses email
marketing to advertise your service, odds are you receive a lot of emails.
Whether these emails are from your prospects, customers, suppliers, or members
of the media, they can add up over time and overwhelm you with a clogged inbox.
If the option is available from your email service provider, as it is with
iContact, you should create separate folders where you can place each email
depending on its source. This will help you be more efficient, as you won’t
have to waste time tracking down old emails.

Make it a best practice to constantly clean out your email
inbox and get rid of those messages you consider to be less critical. This will
help you stay better organized and concentrate on those emails that are the
most important to the growth of your business. You may also want to receive
email newsletters from other experienced online marketers or businesses to keep
up with the best practices in your industry. Make sure you allow space in your
email inbox for these newsletters as well.

Good luck with your spring cleaning, and I’ll be back in a
few days with some more email marketing tips.


Ryan Allis

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