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Top 10 Tactics to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

From sharing naive videos to experimenting, Facebook is a great marketing tool that continues to morph!

How to Increase Engagement on Your Facebook Page

Facebook is not only a casual-chitchatting website anymore. It has become a serious platform where you can build relationship with others to endorse your talent or to sell your services or to promote your business. Mingling with people, sharing new thoughts, and encouraging others to read your posts would certainly make you a social media celebrity. Here in this article, we will find some effective tips for increasing engagement on your Facebook page.

1. Upload Naïve Videos

Your Facebook page will become more popular and will draw more attention, if you make a habit of sharing easy laid-back videos periodically on your Facebook page. Rather than sharing YouTube links or links from other video websites, directly upload your video on Facebook to get more recognition amongst the viewers.

2. Share Quotes on Photos

Photo quotes are popular these days amongst the Facebook users. Thus, to draw attention of the mass, you can share photos, having beautiful quotes on them. Share tips, messages or famous quotes, with a photo background to make your posts more attractive.

3. Include CTA Options on Your Facebook Page

If you want to draw serious profitability for your business, then take advantage of various ‘Call to Action’ options of Facebook. The CTA options are latest additions of Facebook to aid the Facebook page owners. At present it offers 7 CTA buttons for the users and they are:

  • Contact Us
  • Book Now
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Watch Video
  • Sign Up
  • Shop Now

All these CTA buttons have been introduced to aid business owners, who want to trade or promote their products as well as services through Facebook.

4. Create Dark Posts

‘Dark Posts’ is another feature of Facebook, which is known to a very few of us. The idea is publishing a post that would not appear on your page’s timeline, but it will reach your targeted audiences. For this, you can try split-posting, which means you can create three or four variations of your post. Split-posting will let you know what kind of posts is drawing more attention of the followers or fans.

5. Create Informative and Interesting Content

Unique and interesting content draw more attention and activities on the Facebook pages than worthless content. So, quality of the content is the key for gaining more popularity on Facebook.

6. Make Frequent Posting

Popularity of a Facebook page highly depends on the frequency of the posting content on the page. Make your posts more frequent – try to create at least 3-4 posts per day to engage the fans more towards your Facebook page.

7. Relate Trending Topics

At the right hand side of your Facebook profile you will find the topics that are trending recently on Facebook. Think innovative and try to relate such trending topics with your Facebook page. Do not forget to use the hash tag ‘#’ for enjoying more recognition or exposure on Facebook.

8. Check Negative Feedbacks and Learn from Mistakes

Take the negative feedbacks sportingly and be ready to learn from your mistakes. Arrogance or ignorant attitude will let you to lose more fans, while humble gesture will draw appreciations from the fans.

9. Keep Experimenting

Experimenting is the key to success in the world of internet. Thus, keep experimenting with new or innovative things. This will engage more people to your Facebook page for sure.

10. Invest Wisely

Facebook has introduced a few paid services that are indeed effective for gaining mass popularity. For example, you can choose paid promotion for your page on Facebook to drive in more traffic towards your website/business.

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