Top 5 CMS For Ecommerce

Having a dependable and powerful Content Management System (CMS) is more of a need than an option for ecommerce!

The Top CMS for Ecommerce: Which one is the best fit for you?

Ecommerce has been steadily evolving over the past few years and has become a preferred way of retailing. The very existence of ecommerce has been helping several small and large businesses globally to take advantages of an endless market and possibilities. While new standards, applications and ideas are being rolled out, it is advisable for online retailers to adopt the new trends and strengthen their presence and services. Having a dependable and powerful Content Management System (CMS) is more of a need than an option. Here are the top 5 trends that all top marketers are adopting.


Not many ecommerce CMS’s match the richness of PrestaShop. The tool comes with more than 300 different features that help strengthen several aspects of online businesses. Consequently, it has become the favorite platform for all those sellers looking for an all-rounded experience in a single platform. PrestaShop boasts a powerful management catalogue along with in-built Search Engine Optimization features, differentiated product displays, integrated payment gateways, security tools, marketing interfaces and check out processes. This is a one stop solution for all business, regardless of their size and industry.


More than 200,000 businesses worldwide are operating on Magento. Today, it is the topmost CMS that enjoys unquestionable credibility. This is a CMS that offers marketers and online retailers at all levels a rich customer experience while making it easy for the backend team. A huge collection of smart tools has been configured with Magento to suffice every business needs.


The core advantage of Zencart lies in an amazing easy process of setting up the web store. Technicality is no more a thing of specialization with Zencart. The Zencart CMS has been designed to make it easy for first time online store owners to understand the web platform and subsequently focus upon the core storefront requirements. This is something that the first time online marketers can take quick advantage of. Zencart also allows a fair degree of customization and other product management features for small and medium businesses. This is arguably the most hassle free CMS to work upon.


A Joomla based ecommerce CMS, VirtueMart comes with several template overriding facilities along with options for Joomla Plugins. VirtueMart makes it easier for management of shipping, coupons, shopping cart, product cataloguing, and other core processes in online retailing. The installation process of VirtueMart is also the most simplistic across all available CMSs making the store owner to set up and be ready to earn revenues in a few hours.


Ecommerce couldn’t get easier than OSCommerce. All the retailer needs to do is install, set up, add products to the catalogue and start expecting customers. OSCommerce combines several ecommerce processes into one platform with supporting features like multi-lingual setup, cross browser compatibility, integrated payment gateways, and unlimited categories for products. Another important advantage with OSCommerce is a lifelong support with free support and upgrades. OSCommerce is being used by several startups and big brands to market their products globally.

A great product needs a great seller to get noticed. When it’s about online retailing or ecommerce, the CMS can make a lot of difference in your traffic and resulting revenues. Choosing the best requires some research, but the above CMSs are arguably the most popular ones that have been making business roll.

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