Using Images in Your Email Newsletters

In the past two weeks, I’ve given you the top twenty keys to
online marketing, which can be used as a guide as you launch your marketing
campaigns. Today, I’m going to get back to talking about tips you can utilize while
creating your email messages. Similar to a previous blog post about the
possible dangers of using backgrounds in your emails, using images in your
messages can be a double-edged sword as well.

Visually appealing, high-quality images can be great for your
email newsletters because they help to break up your text content on the page. Images
can help you as the message creator better organize the layout of how the email
newsletter will look for your customers. You can also use images to brand your
messages by creating a company logo and saving it as an image. If you use
iContact as your email marketing service, we provide you with an Image Library
with 500 KB of image hosting space. Since iContact’s Image Library is
web-based, it allows you to have access to all of your images from a central
location from anywhere in the world, instead of having to constantly find them
scattered across the Internet or on your home computer.

However, there is a downside to including images in your
email messages. Many email clients, such as Gmail and Outlook, block images
from being displayed unless the recipient decides to allow them. For this
reason, it is best not to reference your image in your message content because
many of your customers may never be able to view your images. To take this a
step further, never save your entire email message as an image because there is
a very high probability that it will get blocked or filtered into your
customers’ spam folders.

Using images in your email newsletters can improve the
overall look of your messages, but be sure to follow certain guidelines so
your messages won’t be blocked or caught in spam filters. Have a good start to
the week, and I will be back in a few days to share some more insight into
email marketing.


Ryan Allis

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