Using Sign-up forms for event planning and management

In my last post, I discussed the importance of blogging for your business. Blogging is an easy and efficient way to connect with your customers and readers, and can help you greatly improve your business’s search engines rankings. Along with your email newsletters, you can use blog posts to elevate your company’s organized marketing campaigns and bring your message to more readers. 

Today, I’m going to talk about a little-known advanced email marketing feature that can assist you if you are planning a company event. By using a basic Sign-up form, you can create a way for people to sign up or RSVP for your event. If you use iContact as your email marketing service, you can compose and send professionally-formatted invitations, track those who RSVP for your event, and even request additional information from attendees. 

In just a few easy steps and mouse clicks, you can create your event’s guest list. First, create a list of those people you would like to invite, and then make a separate empty list for those who RSVP. You can name these lists “Event Invitees” and “Event Attendees” respectively. Post your Sign-up form to a web page dedicated to your event, and have your invitees fill in the relevant information. When your invitees click on the link to register, they will be automatically be added to your “Event Attendees” list. Once people register, you can send them out additional messages with information like reminders, dinner menu choices, or directions to your event.
Next week, I’m going to discuss the “Four P’s” of marketing, and how you can relate each of them to your online marketing campaigns. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

Ryan Allis

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