All hail The Routine!

What is the secret power of the home business entrepreneur?
What is the secret of her efficiency? Of his productivity?
It is “the Routine.” This ability to multi-task our multi-tasking is our superpower.
Our friends and family sense that the power of the Routine gives us the ability to accomplish more things in one hour than the mere mortal could accomplish in eight hours.
They know this.
And they mess with us.
My husband is Routine kryptonite. Since I started my home business, our house has become the scene of a constant insurgency against the Routine. His weapons: incessant messing with our computer, an unnecessary need to move objects, and an inability to keep a schedule.
For my husband, the computer is like a 1972 GTO rusting in some vacant lot that must be rescued and restored to some indefinable and, as yet unrealizable, “beefiness.” Our computer needs more memory, new programs, and, of course, an ever-expanding screen. Or so my husband thinks. There’s a reason that 1972 muscle car is sitting there: someone crashed it. And it’s exactly why my computer sits unused half the time; my husband crashes it with the regularity of a county carnival demolition derby driver.
Do you know how tornados seem to be attracted to trailer lots and campgrounds where they inflict their most damage? In much the same way, my husband seems to be attracted to my office and my kitchen. When my husband is in his F-5 stage, he tosses tools from one drawer to the other, he throws supplies from cupboard to cupboard; and splatters office debris across tables and countertops. An official office disaster area.
Then, there’s the inability to keep any shred of a time schedule. At the office, my husband has the reputation of marching from meeting to meeting with the precision of a Prussian drill team. At home, he has two times: “whenever” and “a little later.”
These may be obstacles to the non-home business super-preneur, but we have a motto… whatever doesn’t kill the Routine, makes the Routine stronger.


Startup Stella contributes to this blog from her two-dimensional world, which you can learn more about by visiting this cartoon strip StartupNation created to share Stella’s quirky but classic entrepreneurial epiphanies with you.

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