Building Your Company to Last (Part 2)

Last week I posed the question, What’s your favorite company. Thanks for the responses and explanations folks!

This week, staying on the theme of building a company to last, I wanted to pick up on comments made during the panel I moderated at the Conquer & Grow conference regarding “culture” and its importance to companies of size, big or small.

Donavan Roberson is “culture evangelist” at Zappos, so it was only appropriate that he shared a strong opinion that forming a culture is critical to building a company that has staying power. And Clate Mask, CEO of Infusionsoft reinforced that building a culture has a direct positive correlation to your company’s bottom line. It’s not something that should be seen as “expensive” or distracting. In fact, Clate argued, it intensifies and focuses your team’s energy very productively.

So my question to you, entrepreneurs, is, in your experience how important has building a culture been in your efforts to succeed?

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