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Building Your Company to Last (Part 1)

Rich Sloan

Rich Sloan is chief startupologist and co-founder of StartupNation and host of StartupNation podcasts. He is also co-author of the acclaimed how-to book, StartupNation: America's Leading Entrepreneurial Experts Reveal the Secrets to Building a Blockbuster Business. Rich encourages you to make a comment under his blog posts or send him a personal message at member nickname, "Rich," here at StartupNation.

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Last week in Vegas was incredible. The events were phenomenal and the density of information, networking and inspiration was off the charts!

The panel discussion I moderated at Conquer & Grow, which included Pamela Slim (author of Escape from Cubicle Nation), Clate Mask (who runs Infusionsoft), and Donavan Roberson (Cultural Evangelist at Zappos), was really interesting and focused on how to build a company to last.

First we discussed our favorite companies and why. Clate and Donavan said Southwest Airlines, for customer service-related reasons. Pam said Pete’s Coffee for how they acknowledged her loyalty as a customer. I said Whole Foods, for how they’re so driven by their core values and how they’ve elevated the grocery shopping “task” into an experience and a culture.

While I plan to share other aspects of the panel discussion in my next blog, wondering, here, what your favorite company is and why.


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