Yes, it is hard to admit that I am not a good deal CLOSER!

I was having lunch with my fabulous business partner Brenda today, and her wonderful husband Tom. I was complaining to them both that I seem to be having a hard time communicating with my clients, and how I was getting frustrated that when I needed them to zig- they were zagging. What was I doing wrong?

I asked them, “Am I a horrible communicator? Do I not know how to effectively get someone to do something for me?” “Am I a horrible sales-woman? Boy, I was really laying the guilt on myself pretty thick.

Tom very innocently took his eyes off his taco, looked at both of us and said, “No Kim, you just need a closer. You’re the front person, the greater, the personality, not the closer!” 

Of course I was intrigued by his accusation because I could have sworn that I was everything in my business.

He continued to explain that there is a difference between someone who can bring the clients in the door, and someone who then closes the deal. His explanation was simple, like when you go buy a car. The salesman greets you, woos you, and then the final kill is done by the closer, the guy who emerges from the dark corner to finish you off!

Something really hit a cord with me that day. Tom made me see that it was OK to be the opener, and not the closer, and that I was not anything less than a fantastic business owner doing what I do best. That every business needs team members who do what they do best, and all deals need a closer. I reluctantly agreed that I would usually have walked away from a deal if I felt frustrated, even after spending months trying to secure it. He assured me that I had been wasting my precious time thinking and acting like that, WOW! Thanks Tom and Brenda!

Sitting next to Brenda at that lunch made me realize that in fact I did have my fabulous closer right next to me the whole time; my partner extraordinaire, Brenda! I was underutilizing her vast closing experience, and frustrating myself by trying to do something that is just not in my DNA. I now see that allowing the deal to be “closed” by a great team member will help my business grow. It will ease the fear of doing something that I do not like to do, and allow me to do what I do best…TALK!

I hope this reinforces to all that you do not need, and cannot do, everything in your business. Find your closer and build your business exponentially!

Always Dream BIG!

Kim Babjak

Kim Babjak: Retail Produt Specialist, Consumer product manufacturing and prototyping agent, entrepreneur, and business coach deticated to helping entrepreneurs live the “American Dream” of seeing their products exposed to MILLIONS of new customers.  For more information on her services,  visit 


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