Business Startup Advice : Tech Self-Sufficiency

Our business startup advice – make your business self-sufficient technologically to cut down on expensive outsourcing costs.

Uh oh! You have to get a Web site for your startup business up and running fast. Funds are limited, so the task falls to you (what else is new?). Or maybe you just need to make some changes and the person who does that for you is on vacation.

Or try on this scenario. The “tech guy” you’ve been relying on for advice is moving away. He’s the person with all the answers to your Internet, software, networking, e-mail or other tech-related questions. How can you come up to speed fast on the tech basics you’ll need to know?

Best answer might be this: Raise your own tech I.Q. – or that of your employees – through some quick and easy tech training. With a modicum of effort, business startup entrepreneurs can get low cost, user-friendly tutorials that can help everyone involved in your venture become more web savvy and PC proficient.

Having your own tech guru on staff is a luxury most small businesses can’t afford. And while you or your employees may be skilled enough in certain software to get by, when it comes to getting the most out of a program’s capabilities, dealing with upgrades or learning something new, you probably fall short.

But there’s good news. The “e-learning” field is electric with good tutorials you can order or view online. Some basic help is available free, though you can expect to pay $20 to $100 or more for the best training courses. Choose the format that suits you best, whether it’s CD, online, interactive or a combination.

Our Bottom Line

Adding a little technology self-sufficiency to your startup can pay big dividends when you find yourself in a PC-related pickle and there’s nobody around to help you out. Our business startup advice – even if you outsource technology tasks, you’ll be more confident moving forward knowing you or someone else in your group can step in to fix a problem if the need arises.

Tech Learning Best Bets

  • Learn2 is a specialist in desktop and web-based tutorials for learning popular small business programs such as Microsoft Office, Quicken, ACT! and FrontPage, plus a variety of business skills, including sales and marketing.
  • e-Learning for Dummies the online training version of the popular For Dummies book series can be both effective and inexpensive for a startup business. The online courses are sold by series, offering you unlimited access to high quality training for a year. Each series covers one application or topic. Basic e-Learning for Dummies courses are available for Excel, Outlook, Photoshop, Word, PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash and others.
  • World Wide Learn is a massive web-based directory of online training courses, including many for small business, offered by educational institutions, companies and individuals worldwide.

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