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What can a Business Expect on a Certification Audit?

Inside the Brain of an ISO Auditor

Going for an ISO certification can be a very challenging process for a business. You need to arm yourself with a lot of patience and be very open minded regarding your business.

For starter, you will have to choose a certification auditor who has experience in your industry, and make sure you create the best context for him to do his job and help you get the certification. No matter what ISO certification your company is going for, you’ll still have to deal with and ISO auditor.

Auditors are known to be people who will insist on a lot of unnecessary things, but if you get to know how their brain works, and settle your expectations regarding the certification audit, things will run smoothly.

27001 Academy, an online center training businesses how to implement the international standard for information security management, created an infographic meant to help any company understand important insights about an ISO auditor’s mind and know what to expect at a certification audit.

There are a few important things you can take into consideration when working together with an auditor to make the best out of it. When choosing the perfect auditor, keep in mind that most of them are skilled in several ISO standards, and you could use his knowledge and experience to get a wider picture of which standards would best suit your company.

The auditor will evaluate whether you have all the mandatory documentation, your activities and documentation comply with the standard and if your activities comply with your own documentation. What you need to do in this situation is make sure all employees are well informed about it, and the ISO auditor can easily access all the information he needs

The person who audits your business for an ISO certification will also be doing surveillance visits. Don’t forget that the main purpose of your audit is not to pass it, but to make sure that the system works and your documentation is maintained.


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