Do IT Pros Speak a Foreign Language?

I’m addicted to my computer. I don’t’ fully grasp how it works. I do know that I like to use it all day long and I’m really unhappy when it doesn’t work. So, I was comforted to come across this survey of workers from Wales in my internet travels. You may want to print it out and give it to the computer geeks you know.

Another company called Computer People surveyed 1,500 office workers and found three out of four people spend an hour a day trying to figure out computer jargon. They found that 61% didn’t know the difference between a kilobytes, megabytes and gigabytes. That explains the enormous attachments I receive that clog up my whole system. I have to admit, even though I know the difference, I spent hours figuring out how to make my files smaller.

I do know that the phrase “Garbage In–Garbage Out” means if anything goes wrong with my computer, it is surely my own fault. That’s where my expertise ends.

As a public service, I’m adding this link to UC Berkely’s Guide to Internet and Computer Jargon that you might want to have handy next time you’ve got trouble in cyberspace.

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