Dropped Cell Phone Call

We had a great radio show this weekend filled with coaching and stories from callers about their exploits and efforts…

Toward the end of the show a guy named Ryan called in. He had been waiting a while on his cell phone to be brought on the air.

When we went live with him, he explained that he’s expanding his business from Nantucket to a new location in Aspen, CO. Nice choice of locations, Ryan!

In any event, he explained that he was driving through western Pennsylvania at the time. We were doing our usual back and forth between brothers, having fun, basically talking over the caller (sorry for that, Ryan!!!).

We finally realized that and that’s when we said, "OK, Ryan the floor is yours! Ask your question!"

His question sounded something like, "Wa- bri- n- … and als- -an te- me …" and then a dial tone. He had traveled into a bad cell and we had lost him. He waited patiently only to get cut off by bad cellular circumstance.

Ryan, if you’re out there, we’re sorry, man! Good luck in Aspen!

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