Faxes for the Landline-less

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This is a quick gem for today:

I don't have a landline. (Yes, in our house, we have 3 Nextel cell phones, in 3 area codes, but not a single landline.) So when a client needs an invoice faxed or wants to fax a print project markup to me, I end up having to get in my car and drive to Kinko's.

But not anymore! I've found GreenFax. It basically sends and receives faxes through my email for less cost than installing and maintaining a landline in my home. It was really easy to set up, and now I have my own dedicated fax number in my local area code! The messages are fast, too—someone sends me a fax and it's in my Eudora inbox instantly.

So check it out! There's apparently hope for those of use who are too high-tech to own a landline (and too cheap to own one just to get a couple of faxes a month).

Nikole Gipps is the principal of NHG Consulting, a web design and marketing firm. She can be reached through her StartupNation profile, her company website, or her Small Business Essentials blog.

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