Home Biz Entrepreneurs Unite!

We, the undersigned members of the fastest growing occupational group in the world, if not the universe, “in order to form a more perfect union”or at least keep our friends, family members and business associates from hassling us on a regular basis… do hereby and forthwith, establish this, the Home Business Entrepreneurs’ Bill of Rights.

  1. Just because we work at home, it doesn’t mean we are sitting around waiting to do favors for our cubicle-dwelling friends and family. In other words, walk you own dang dog and feed your own darn cats.
  2. We love talking to our friends on the phone. But, if you call during our busy times, expect to get a brush-off. Get over it.
  3. To our wonderful children: Despite child labor laws, you make excellent temporary workers for our home businesses. Say hello to the real world, kids.
  4. We don’t have a tech support department. When we talk to our web developers and designers, we expect to communicate in plain language, not post-modern-neo-techno gobbledy-gook, or Klingon, or even Middle Earth elfin. You’ll live longer and prosper more, if you just fix my dang laptop!
  5. We need to network, too. Don’t call our conferences trips, "vacations," and we promise to refer to your Vegas business trips as, “professional development opportunities.”
  6. Invention marketers and other firms that scam home business entrepreneurs have a special corner in Hades … and a nice front row seat in a courtroom… reserved just for them. Can you say, “Class Action Lawsuit?” We can.
  7. Our cars are more than vehicles. They’re buses. Delivery vans. Mobile billboards. Taxi cabs. If they get a little messy…. OK… REALLY messy… deal with it.

Please sign and pass it on!



“Startup Stella contributes to this blog from her two-dimensional world, which you can learn more about by visiting this cartoon strip StartupNation created to share Stella’s quirky but classic entrepreneurial epiphanies with you.”

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