Invention of the Week #9: Cross-Dressing Dogs

29 Jan 2009

Rich Sloan

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Independent inventor Irene Bray wanted her dogs to strut their stuff in style AND comfort … and she enlisted the help of Invention Home to assist her in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for her invention, “Dog Hats”.

In keeping with some of the recent dog-related inventions I’ve been highlighting, you might get a kick out of this one.

If you like to dress your pet, but don’t feel that current wardrobe options are sufficient, Irene Bray will gladly come to your rescue. She likes her pets to be dressed for success, and developed improved dog hats and related fashion statements that secure to the pet’s head. Word (er, “bark”) from the dogs is that the hat fasteners are quite comfortable.

This invention features two adjustable, elasticized straps, which are designed to criss-cross under the dog’s chin and are fastened to the hat in front of and behind each ear.  They are fully adjustable to fit very large dogs as well as very small dogs and even cats!  Dog Hats may be offered in many sizes and designs.  Irene has an issued Utility Patent as well as samples available.

To understand what a utility patent is, visit our StartupNation article on patents.

So, what do you think of “Dog Hats”?

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