Making the Most of your Warehouse Space

Warehouse Space: How to get optimal efficiency

If you have warehouse space there is a good chance you could be using it better. To take advantage of this space you need to utilize it in the best possible way to get the most value and optimal efficiency. If after organizing you find yourself with much more space, you can fill your warehouse shelving with more product to move and sell even more merchandise. Here are a few ways to make the most of your warehouse space.

  • Assess your stock. Is every duplicate product packaged with one another? Do you have small merchandise in giant boxes that are just taking up space? Or maybe you just have one or two items left that are getting lost in the shuffle. It is important to take regular inventory of what you have in stock.
  • Get organized. It is easy to get busy with a huge shipment and have merchandise just thrown onto the nearest shelf. But all of your back stock should be grouped together in a strategic way. Like products with like products, condense boxes when the stock in one gets low, etc. If you have three boxes of the same T-shirts they should not be spread around the warehouse. Everything should be kept together and easy to locate.
  • Choose the right warehouse shelving. If you have extremely heavy back stock, not just any shelf will do. You should be using industrial shelving that can stand up to the weight of these heavier products. Warehouse shelving should also be wide and tall enough to accommodate a wide range of inventory. Not only is this important to being able to withstand the weight and size of your stock, but it also allows your warehouse workers to find what they are looking for more easily.
  • Seek store planning services from a professional. Creating the optimal layout for your warehouse might be more achievable with the help of someone with more experience. Shelving providers and store layout experts like Handy Store Fixtures have the knowledgeable staff to help you lay out your space and fill it with the shelving solutions that will work best.

Warehouse space is an integral part to any business. Having an area that is well organized and laid out will make the job of your employees easier and your processes much more efficient.

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