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Must-Have Tools for Creative Startups

There are some pretty great tools available for the entrepreneur on a small budget. Check out the ten that Jane Hurst suggests.

10 Must-Have Tools for Creative Startups

On any given day, thousands of people all over the world are launching their startups and dreaming of successful business ownership. In most cases, these are small businesses, either one-person operations or companies with very small teams. This means that these businesses don’t have the finances to gain access to some of the tools that the larger corporations are using to stay successful. But, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t some pretty great tools available for the entrepreneur on a small budget. Here are some must-have tools that you can start using right now to help increase the success of your startup.

1)    Partnered– Create a strategic partnership with one of the big corporations using this tool. Partnered has matched startups with some of the biggest businesses, including Red Bull and Coca Cola.

2)  Visme – When you are sharing information with employees and team members, one of the best way to make sure that everyone understands the information is to use a lot of visual content. It also makes it easier for everyone to engage with each other using that information. Visme lets anyone, even non-designers, create visual content such as infographics and presentations that you can promote, share, and download.

3)  Business VoIP – You are likely going to be making a lot of long-distance phone calls in your business, and the charges are going to add up. You can save a lot of money by making these calls via the Internet by using a VoIP service. With so many services out there, it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best. Visit WhichVoIP to see reviews and pricing on a number of business service providers so you can make the best choice for your startup.

4)  Knowlium – This planning and management software can help you with everything from business discovery to planning and management. It can be integrated with your accounting software, so you can always track goals and progress.

5)  Comindware – Are you planning on taking your startup into the industrial field? If so, this is a tool you really should consider using. It is a cool Collaboration and Project Management tool that makes planning easy for project managers, and it makes it execution to members of your team simple. This is a great tool for marketing teams, online education, and many other professional services that your startup may offer, and it is going to help increase your productivity as well as collaboration within your team.

6)  ChargeDesk– Billing and billing support doesn’t have to be difficult or boring. This tool will change the way you look at these tasks, because it lets customers take care of the difficult tasks.

7)  Opstarts – Planning and forecasting is easy with this tool, because you have a platform that allows the tracking of just about everything, including expenses and revenues. Use it for fundraising, or just to keep your team informed about everything that is going on.

8)  Azendoo – If you do have a small team of employees, it is important that they work together to ensure your own, and their own success. This tool is a great project management platform that will allow you to create to-do lists, analyze which team members are best at which tasks, etc. Everything you do is in real-time, so everyone on your team is always aware of the latest developments in any project.

9)  Hired– This lets you set up a profile, and it will match prospective employees to startups so you don’t have to worry about finding the right people for your startup.

10) LiveControl– Definitely one of your must-have tools! You will need a website, and this cloud website building service will be able to meet all of your needs. You don’t need a lot of money to have a great website, and you don’t have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars hiring a professional developer when you take advantage of this tool.

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