Sales grew 186% over last year

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I had the opportunity to talk via phone recently with Ashley Seeman. She started a graphic design business, but was only “bumping along”. That’s when one of your fellow StartupNation community members, Erin, swooped in with a recommendation: “Maybe you should check out StartupNation for some help.”

Read what Ashley sent over to me about the scenario and the success that’s ensued…

“I started Studio 95 Design in October of 2006. I have been in the graphic design field for 13 years and decided it would benefit me and my two girls more if I started my own design company. The magic happens in my studio the basement of my home. The first year, I went to all the networking meetings in the area, branding my name and earning the trust of my fellow networkers. Although my design jobs were steady, In the course of that first year, I did not grow. The process I was using to complete my tasks was different each time. My office had stacks of manila folders on my desk…no real filing system.

No growth.

Then, a friend and business associate, Erin with, suggested I go to So I did. I got so much advice and ideas to grow my studio and get organized.

Startupnation really inspired me and gave me the confidence to tackle areas in my business I was not completely comfortable with, such as finances, processes, organization of the back-end of my business.

I also learned how to file for my LLC without the use of an attorney.

I overhauled Studio 95 Design from the inside out with tips and advice learned on and have shown a documented increase in sales of 186% in one year. There are processes and procedures in place that streamlined my workflow which allowed for the growth. I also hired an office manager and a developer.

Now Studio 95 Design runs smoothly and has allowed us to expand into an online venture called, a social networking platform for health and fitness. Naturally, we turned to for advice on making this business just as successful!

Thank you Startupnation!!”

What a thrill to learn of yet another entrepreneur on her way, ignited by the StartupNation content and community. Way to go, Ashley!


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