Springtime Marketing Ideas for Retail Stores

Jump into springtime with these retail store ideas!

Springtime is the perfect time to get into a new marketing groove. Spring cleaning, warm weather, spring holidays and sports – the opportunities are endless. Not only are the marketing topics ripe for the taking, but people are finally ready to leave their homes and visit the stores! Instead of just the quick, mandatory trips to the grocery store, people are ready to start leisurely shopping around again. So take advantage of this time of year to revamp your retail displays and boost your marketing efforts.

Spring Cleaning:

Nothing says fresh + spring quite like spring cleaning. This can go two ways. First, you can let your customers know that you are spring cleaning out winter merchandise to make room for new spring styles. Offer deals on your more wintery products to get them out the door. Since there is still a good chance for more chilly days ahead, people are still interested in buying these products. Calling attention to them with a sale will give people the push they need to buy those items before stocking up on new spring merchandise.

Or, focus on fresh new inventory. Spring cleaning can mean you have weeded out the drab, winter products and made room for the bright and fun merchandise of spring. Call attention to any new product lines you are carrying or encourage clients to clean out their closets and drawers and replace old items with new.

Springtime Displays:

This is an excellent time to update your store window displays. Top retail display shelves with your brightest and newest merchandise. Take into account the holidays that come along with spring – spring break travel, Saint Patrick’s Day and Easter. Update your displays accordingly to these holidays. Even if you don’t actually sell products that correspond to these holidays, filling your space with some festive decorations can’t hurt. These interesting and eye catching displays will draw customers inside. You can even take photos of particularly fun displays and use them in your e-newsletters or on your social media sites. Let customers know that your displays and merchandise are changing with the seasons, and that you always have something fresh and exciting to offer.

Spring Sports:

With March Madness, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and Spring Training, our favorite sports are wrapping up or just beginning. March Madness is always a popular phrase to tie into your marketing efforts. March Madness sales are a great way to create attention and draw in customers.

Spring Weather:

Nothing gets people more excited than those first sunny and warmer days of spring. The birds are finally starting to chirp, the snow is melting and the sun is shining. Encourage customers to come out of hibernation and visit your store. Offer spring weather specials if you are able, even something as small as “$5 off if we hit 50 degrees”. Anything that adds a little fun.

Take advantage of this time of new beginnings to generate some new business into your store. Get that fresh new merchandise moving and clear out the winter products fast!

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