StartupNation forums offer home-based business owners new opportunities for friendship

From Joan Isabella, StartupNation Radio consultant

StartupNation is more than a place to read articles about how to run our businesses. It’s a place for us to find confidants (and according to this recent survey we need them more than ever), a place to share ideas, get constructive criticism, and to help one another make our businesses and our lives successful. For those of us working alone, it’s about the friendship and comraderie that sometimes seems hard to come by in our solitary home offices.

I am not suggesting that a website can replace friends and family, but we can create meaningful connections to other people within the huge startup community. It is possible that people will meet and marry right in the community pages!

Speaking of marriage, I started my first forum today. It’s a tribute to my friend and co-worker Joel, the Chief Community Officer for Startupnation. You may already know that he is on his honeymoon. He’ll be back to work on Monday, and I hope you will take a couple minutes to give him some advice on his new marriage. It can be a simple congratulations, or a joke, or advice on how to have a long and healthy marriage.

If you haven’t found the time to sign up in the community section, take a couple minutes and do it. If you look at my profile, you will find that I am guilty of not filling in all the forms and taking advantage of all the great conversations that take place, but at least I started, and I have a mantra: Do one thing and it will lead to other good things.

Thanks for helping me welcome Joel back home.

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