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5 Tips for Liquor Store Owners

Set your liquor store apart from the rest!

With so much competition in the liquor market it can be tough to separate your store from other establishments. Big box retailers and popular grocery store chains likely offer many of the same products, and customers are able to pick up these items during their weekly shopping trips. As a liquor store owner, you will need to ensure your store stands out from the rest. Here are 5 tips to get you there.

Killer displays.

Fill your liquor store fixtures with the latest products, like a brand new flavor of vodka or a new seasonal twist on a favorite beer. The perk of your store selling primarily alcohol means that the people coming through your doors are there for a reason, not to browse and leave empty handed. Keep everything arranged in a way that makes sense, have a wine section and separate reds and whites and then whittle it down to types and regions. Keep vodka together by brand, as well as scotch, whiskey and other liquors. Utilize beer cave shelving to keep cases of beer cool and easy to shop. Organizing your retail fixtures by season lets you get a little more creative with your displays. Blow up palm trees, tiki torches (unlit of course) and limes next to your display of summer beers will put customers in the right frame of mind to purchase the products you are showcasing.

Host tastings.

Hosting a wine or beer tasting is an excellent way to get more customers through your doors. This is also a great way for you to get to know the local clientele a little better and create a loyal customer base.

Be active on social media.

Even if your liquor store does not have a website, it is important to have an online presence of some kind. Set up a Facebook page for your business and share any upcoming events you are having, new products you have in stock and provide some fun tips, like recipes for the perfect cocktail.

Market yourself.

In addition to your social media presence, sending out regular postcards or e-newsletters is a great way to remind the community about your shop. Create postcards or create a newsletter for any upcoming promotions or events. If customers are reminded of your shop they are more likely to make that extra trip or go out of the way from their regular grocer to support your business.

Offer to sponsor local events.

Becoming familiar with other local business owners and neighbors is a great way to network and generate more business. Have a presence at these events and always have marketing materials on hand like flyers, business cards, etc. Sponsor a local softball team or other club to create ties with the community.

Because of that level of competition, it is important to really set your store apart. Offer retail displays with the newest and latest products on the market. Get your presence out there through social media and newsletters. Join other small business owners in the community by sponsoring local events and hosting tastings. Once you take these extra steps, you will create that loyal customer base that will return to your store again and again.

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