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One challenge that every business owner must overcome is how to find the funds to launch their business. Traditionally, this has come from savings, family and friends, perhaps a bank or even venture capital. However, with the advent of companies like Kickstarter and the ubiquity of the Internet, entrepreneurs and creatives can now turn to the vast network of the web for monetary support through what is known as “crowd funding.”

The first guest on the show is Mark Shaye, an attorney based in Birmingham, MI who tells Jeff and Dan about the nuances of crowd funding and how it is viewed from a regulatory perspective. For those looking to raise funds via crowd funding or looking to back a venture, this is a “must listen.”

Rachel Leemis Co-founder of Monty's Beef Company
Rachel Leemis
Co-founder of Monty’s Beef Company

Next, we bring on the founders of two companies who recently completed successful crowd funding campaigns on Kickstarter, a popular crowd funding platform. The first is Rachel Leemis, co-founder of Monty’s Beef Company, which produces 100% pure Piedmontese burger patties from her business partner’s farm in western Michigan. She recently raised $12,521 on Kickstarter.

The second is a entrepreneur duo, Alex O’Dell and Kyle Hoff, responsible for the creation of The Floyd Leg, which turns any flat surface into a table. They set out to raise $18,000 and instead raked in $256,273 in support from backers.

Hear how they did it and how you can too!

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