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How to Get Your Big Break in (Entrepreneurship and) the Music Business

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On this episode of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, interviews entertainment attorney, Tommy Valentino, and local singer-songwriter, Beth Griffith-Manley.

First up, Jeff chats with Valentino, an entertainment attorney who is also a legal commentator and contributor with SiriusXM, and founder of The Counsel PLLC. A sampling of his famous clientele includes Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker, Big & Rich and Zach Sang. Valentino’s firm, The Counsel, is an independent intellectual property and corporate consulting practice with a 99 percent closing rate and client portfolio of over $1B.

During the interview, Jeff and Tommy discuss: 

  • How the barrier to entry for the music industry has changed in recent years
  • What Tommy does as an entertainment lawyer
  • How to break into the music business if you can’t carry a tune (What are some roles outside of performing? I.e. Management, publishing, songwriting, etc.)
  • How to get involved in the music business through entrepreneurial services like social media, design, etc.
  • Steps to open up a record label

For more information on the music industry and to connect with Tommy personally, reach out to him on LinkedIn.

Next, Jeff interviews local talent, Beth Griffith-Manley. A contestant on season 16 of NBC’s “The Voice,” the Detroiter talks about her roots in music and how she forged her own path in the industry.

During the show, Beth shares:

  • How she developed her voice as a young girl and pushed through stage fright
  • Why she developed her own record label to release her first album in 2017
  • How she marketed and distributed her debut album as a solo artist
  • The business acumen she learned in order to manage and promote her own career
  • Future plans for Beth’s record label

To keep up with Beth’s blossoming career, follow her on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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