Executing your idea

The Importance of Executing Your Idea [Radio]

Ideas, intentions and plans are great, but they are nothing without execution. On this edition of StartupNation Radio, Jeff Sloan and Norm Pappas talk with two entrepreneurs who had an idea, put together their business plan and most importantly, brought it to market.

Brian Hutto, CEO of Staymobile, did not have an “original” idea of repairing broken screens on laptops, tablets and cell phones. In fact, there is a good amount of competition in this market. However, he found a way to carve out his niche, and is now in over a dozen states with 250 employees.

Later in the show, Jeff and Norm are joined by Christina Bellas, creator of Make-Cup, the portable makeover kit.


Christina had an idea to create a compact protective movable make-over kit that allows you to carry everything you need. The refillable system not only saves you money on your cosmetic costs, but also allows you to use the brands you love. Christina also succeeded in reducing the plastic waste caused from empty cosmetic containers that end up in landfills.

Both Christina and Brian had great ideas for a product, but without execution, those ideas would likely have been brought to market by someone else. Don’t let someone else make money on your idea: get out there and execute!

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