StartupNation Celebrates Mompreneurs: Today is Your Day!

While we honor moms at StartupNation every day, today’s episode of StartupNation Radio pays tribute to mompreneurs (those are moms who are also entrepreneurs). Join Jeff Sloan and his three guests to learn how you too can become a venture mom!

mompreneursHolly Hurd is the first of our mompreneurs. The founder and CEO of and author of “Venture Mom: From Idea to Income in Just 12 Weeks,” is a virtual community that provides ideas and inspiration by spotlighting moms who have started a venture, oftentimes out of thin air. Holly has interviewed hundreds of Venture Moms and is a master at showing them how they can turn a passion into a profitable business.

Monthly-Baking-Boxes 108Pam Turkin has an amazing “Rise of the Phoenix” story to share. She incorporated her rise back into business into her new company’s name, Rise Baking. Rise Baking is a monthly subscription service where customers can order perfectly measured premium baking ingredients along with Pam’s very own recipes that she has worked so hard to perfect. Pam has great vision for her business and offers insight to other moms who want to start their own dream business.

Sabrina Horn 108Sabrina Horn is the managing partner of the technology practice at Finn Partners and founder of Horn Group, Inc., a digital PR agency founded 25 years ago in Silicon Valley. Sabrina had the opportunity to work with the top technology chief executives, visionaries and financiers of our generation. They were able to bring stories to life about the first client/server software applications and e-commerce marketplaces and new personal desktop security systems to the latest consumer lifestyle apps. They helped startups go to market for the first time, assisted fast growth emerging companies track toward their IPO or acquisition and supported large established brands looking to reinvent and rebrand. Sabrina also captures what it’s all about with this quote from her profile:

“My other lifelong quest is to show my two daughters, Grace and Christina, that they can make their dreams come true. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are man or woman. It only matters that you do your homework, keep a level head, ask the right questions, and never give up.”

Join us in this edition of StartupNation Radio to hear from these amazing entrepreneurs who also happen to be women and moms.

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