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Home-Based Hits

Our host, Jeff Sloan, accompanied by guest co-host, Dan Glisky, discuss home-based businesses who have made it big! Tune in now to hear the commonalities & pitfalls that successful home-based entrepreneurs have encountered in their journey. This show features Ahmed Moktar, Judi Henderson & Jay Kriner. Special guest appearances from the Comerica Bank and Hatch Detroit representatives.

Jeff’s Thoughts:

“This past week’s StartupNation Radio show focused on home-based businesses. We covered a lot of the pros and cons of starting and operating a business at home, and interviewed several successful entrepreneurs who all started in their homes and have gone on to great success. Most illuminating for me however was the realization that in the absence of being able to start a business at home, many businesses would never have been started at all in the U.S. And think what that would mean to our economy.

To put it in perspective, over the last decade, 24 million new businesses were started in the U.S. as home-based businesses. That’s one new home-based business starting every 11 seconds. Significantly, home-based businesses account for roughly 52% of all businesses in the U.S. and generate a whopping $427 billion per year in collective revenue. By any measure, that’s big business. To bottom line it… no doubt, without the existence of this segment of the business community in the U.S., we wouldn’t have the powerhouse economy that we do, and I’m not sure our great country would be able to maintain the moniker of “the land of opportunity” without the ability to start a business at home.”

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