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How to Make a Living at Blogging

Join Jeff and his co-host, Norm Pappas, as they interview Blogging experts, Amy Lynn Andrews and Matthew Loomis. Our two experts provide advice to Tiffany Henfling as she is 2-years into her blog site and is at the verge of making some serious money. Hear the tips the founder of receives to help her reach her goals.

Jeff Sloan and Norm Pappas with in-studio guest Tiffany Henfling founder of Joining us from Dallas, Amy Lynn Andrews blogging expert at and Matthew Loomis from St. Louis, founder of
Jeff Sloan and Norm Pappas with in-studio guest Tiffany Henfling founder of

This show focuses on making a living at blogging. We look at hundreds of business proposals a year and what most of them have in common is huge overhead and a lot of money out-of-pocket before you open for business. We’re always looking for a business that is easy to start, takes as much or as little time as you want to put forth, low up-front costs with minimum overhead and fulfills a need.

When we see a business plan that fits all these requirements, we dig deeper and try to poke holes. As is the case with blogging – You can get started for less than $200, work from your home, work when you want to work, takes less than 4-hours to set up your business and can be a way to get supplemental income or to make a very comfortable living.

We had two great blogging experts on the show. The first question asked was how many people view your blog. Needless to say we were amazed when Amy Lynn Andrews said she had over 70,000 unique visitors and Matthew Loomis had over 45,000 unique visitors! That is more people reading their blog then most cites newspaper distribution. And it is going right to a market that you know is part of your demographics because they are interested in what the blogger has to say. And to make the business model even simpler, the more people following your blog, the more revenue you generate from advertisers.

Tiffany Henfling, the founder of is a great example of a successful, growing blog site at an interesting cross-roads. Her story starts out with how every successful product starts out…finding a need then finding the solution. While Tiffany was on maternity leave, she would search for sites to help working mothers keep organized. To her dismay, there were very few to be found. She knew she could not be the only working mother who needs a place to go for advice, tips and organizational materials for daily family life. After 2-years of blogging, Tiffany has over 10,000 visitors and is ready to take her blogging to the next level. Our experts agreed, as with every successful business, you will not get rich overnight. Typically after 1-year you should be seeing some income and at the end of year 2, you should be ready to make this a full-time career.

Here’s a tip to get you started……..what are your hobbies? Are you a model train enthusiast, a wine connoisseur, avid golfer, bookworm? If it’s something you enjoy and are passionate about, then chances are there is a group of people who share your interest. Now that you know what you like to do, get busy writing down some ideas. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get going and how much you know once you start writing. And, with all the free blogging tools available, the only investment is your time.

Jeff’ Thoughts:

When it comes to starting a business, the entrepreneur has a lot of options available. You can buy a franchise, start your own small business or buy a business. These options usually have a lot of upfront costs. If you are looking for something that has very low overhead, easy to start and takes less time than you think, then blogging is for you. Listen to the show, check out the websites and reach out to StartUpNation or our guests when you are ready to start your blog.


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