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Ingenuity in a Box: BOXFOX and Flashfoodbox [Radio]

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, sits down with the founders of two companies that are thinking… inside the box.

To kick off the show, Jeff is joined by the three co-founders of BOXFOX, Chelsea Moore (CEO), Jenni Olivero (COO), and Sabena Suri (CSO).

BOXFOX was founded in 2014 after its three millennial co-founders were unable to find the time and the appropriate resources to gift a friend who was hospitalized when they couldn’t physically be present.

BOXFOX was founded on the ideal of keeping relationships strong and showing you care. Each BOXFOX package is hand-packed and comes with a handwritten note.

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From their start in an apartment in California to their new warehouse and team of employees, the women of BOXFOX have learned quite a bit about starting up. During the show, they discuss:

  • The BOXFOX brand and how it stands out amongst the competition
  • The current trajectory of their business
  • The key moves that were instrumental in turning their idea into a business
  • Whether entrepreneurs are made or born
  • How to get early customers

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Next, Jeff chats with Josh Domingues, CEO and founder of Flashfood. The company’s Flashfoodbox contains protein and surplus produce that are deemed not good enough to be sold in grocery stores, and is delivered directly to your door.

Josh Domingues, CEO
(Josh Domingues, CEO)

Based in Toronto, Canada, Flashfoodbox recently opened its delivery service in Detroit and Ann Arbor. During the show, Josh discusses:

  • How much food produced in the U.S. ends up as waste
  • The environmental impact of food waste
  • The competitive playing field of Flashfoodbox
  • How much food is provided in each Flashfoodbox
  • How Flashfoodbox provides food that is actually fresher than what consumers would find in the grocery store

Domingues started the company in an effort to make a massive dent in the food waste epidemic. To date, Flashfood has diverted over 30,000 pounds of food from landfills, which is the equivalent of driving about 25,000 miles in a car of greenhouse gas emissions.

Follow Flashfood on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information.

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