Inside Michigan Business: A Look at the Marijuana Industry

Through insightful conversations with Michigan’s business newsmakers and movers and shakers, host Jeff Sloan and guest hosts explore trending business topics impacting our state’s business community, economy and consumers.

In this episode, veteran journalists John Gallagher and Jack Lessenberry explore one of Michigan’s newest industries, the legal marijuana trade.

Both medicinal and recreational pot shops have opened in many local communities, but questions like how prosperous that business is and what the future holds for marijuana entrepreneurs will be answered on today’s podcast.

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Today’s guests include:

Kathy Gray, who currently serves as a Michigan-based correspondent for the New York Times. She previously worked many years as a political reporter for the Detroit Free Press and covered the marijuana beat the past few years.

Barton Morris, the principal attorney with the Cannabis Legal Group in Royal Oak, and specializes in all marijuana related issues. He is the only attorney in Michigan certified by the American Chemical Society as a forensic expert in marijuana-related science.

Jason Eelbode is the owner of the Detroit Bud Company in Warren, the first licensed Cannabis facility in Macomb County, and an MBA, millwright and experienced entrepreneur. 

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