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Main Street Nation Radio is on the air

Main Street Nation Radio Do you own a business on Main Street? Then Main Street Nation Radio is the show for you! Jeff and Kristi talk with Suzanne Perrault, executive director of the Lake Orion DDA, and Al “Bubba” White from Cops & Doughnuts about the keys to a successful Main Street.

Suzanne and Kristi go over the four key elements every Main Street should follow to unite the COMMUNITY, build on its unique CULTURE and create a BUSINESS friendly environment.

And wait until you hear the amazing story of how nine police offers banded together to save the towns oldest bakery. Al “Bubba” White VP of Cops & Doughnuts was in studio (with doughnuts) to share his amazing story. If you are thinking about starting a business, Bubba will truly inspire you to make the leap!

Join the Main Street Nation, It’s about Community – Culture – Business

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