Mission-Driven Business: Everdays App Builds Community in an Underserved Industry

On this edition of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, chats with two entrepreneurs who are running mission-driven businesses.

Building a community around difficult times

First up, Jeff sits down with Mark Alhermizi, CEO of Everdays, a social platform that helps families build communities around a passing. The free app guides its users through the process of messages or funeral invitations of friends and family after a passing.

After his father’s death, Mark realized he hadn’t connected with the friends and family members he needed to notify most efficiently. After mourning his father’s passing, he realized he was looking at a real business opportunity in the death care industry. It was then that the idea for Everdays was born.

Everdays serves 1,000 funeral homes and has connected 1.5 million families and friends in just 18 months.

Mark Alhermizi
(Mark Alhermizi, CEO of Everdays)

During the interview, Mark discusses: 

  • What inspired him to create Everdays
  • Everdays’ primary mission
  • What Everdays is doing to make dealing with the death experience better
  • What Everdays’ differentiator is

For more information on Everdays, visit the official website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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Veteran incubator in downtown Detroit

Next up, Jeff welcomes Thomas Typinski, chapter leader and program manager of Detroit Bunker Labs, to the show. A Detroit native and United States Army veteran, Thomas has translated his military experience into the private sector as highly sought-after IT professional with a strong interest in internet marketing and entrepreneurial involvement.

Detroit Bunker Labs is part of a nation-wide organization, Bunker Labs, which helps veterans to start or grow their businesses through education, networking and resources.

As chapter leader and program manager of Detroit Bunker Labs, Thomas helps inspire transitioning veterans to start their own company and help current business leaders connect with key stakeholders. Bunker Labs recognizes the entrepreneurial potential of the military experience and works to ensure that every member of the military community has the network and resources to realize this potential.

Thomas Typinski
(Thomas Typinski of Detroit Bunker Labs)

During the discussion, Thomas discusses:

  • His military and entrepreneurial background
  • How Detroit Bunker Labs facilitates entrepreneurship for veterans
  • Success stories of entrepreneurs who have gone through Detroit Bunker Labs
  • The importance of community and networking

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For more information on Detroit Bunker Labs, visit the official website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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