NextEnergy Grant Programs: Interview with Danny Allen

NextEnergy is an energy and transportation incubator. Jeff interviews Danny Allen, manager of venture services about the programs they have available to you, the entrepreneur who has an idea but needs funding.

Danny Allen is manager, venture services (VFA), where he manages direct client engagement, delivery and fulfillment of venture support services with early-stage small businesses and established small businesses. Allen is passionate about helping businesses solve problems – ranging from the world’s most daunting environmental challenges to simply making people’s lives easier.

Programs include:  I-Corps, MATch Energy Grant, Technology Programs, Market Research and Venture for America (which is a topic for another show).

The Nation is also visited by Staci Van Norman, Ph.D. with TAC Force LLC and former I-Corp participant. Staci shares what it takes to get your idea through the I-Corps Grant Process.

Registration for NextEnergy’s I-Corps Energy & Transportation Training Seminar can be found at

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