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Where Passion and Entrepreneurship Meet: Kyle Bartell and Timm Martin

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, brought to you by Pappas Financial, your host, Jeff Sloan, is joined in the co-host chair by prior guest, Ashley Williams.

First up, Jeff and Ashley chat with Kyle Bartell, co-founder of Sit On It Detroit.

Sit On It Detroit
(Charles Molnar and Kyle Bartell of Sit On It Detroit, photo courtesy of Sal Rodriguez)

Founded in 2012 with business partner Charles Molnar, Sit On It Detroit is a social enterprise that provides reclaimed wood benches at bus stops around the city. A for-profit entity doing social good, Sit On It Detroit’s mission is to create a better quality of life for transit riders with free literature and a place to sit while they wait for the bus.

During the interview, Bartell discusses:

  • His background in urban studies and urban planning, and how coming from a family of entrepreneurs benefited his project
  • How Sit On It Detroit improves the quality of life of metro Detroiters
  • How the company repurposes local materials
  • How Sit On It Detroit has created partnerships with brands including Red Bull, Habitat for Humanity, AT&T and more
  • How press and social media coverage helps Sit On It Detroit to make a footprint

For more information, visit Sit On It Detroit on Facebook and Instagram.

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Next up, Jeff and Ashley speak with call-in guest, Timm Martin, an architect by day, record label owner by passion.

A lifelong musician and passionate bass player, Timm possesses a unique perspective of both musician and entrepreneur, having toured with the likes of Canned Heat and The Rolling Stones.

Timm Martin
(Timm Martin)

During the interview, Martin talks about:

  • His history with music, from playing bass in a high school band in Chicago to playing professionally on the road
  • His career path change to the corporate world in architecture
  • How he re-entered the music world by opening two record labels, Out The Box Records and Dustimmoff Music Partnership
  • The business of owning a record label
  • How he was able to put his passion on hold for 18 years
  • New music coming from the Dustimmoff label (including Eva B. Ross and her first single, “Messy”)
  • Advice for anyone looking to start a record label

For more information, visit Dustimmoff Music Partnership on Facebook.

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