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Professional Athletes turned Entrepreneurs

From doing great things on the football field to doing great things in the business world, Ron Bartell and Mark Clayton show they have what it takes to be outstanding entrepreneurs.

Ron Bartell, who played cornerback for the Rams and Lions, now entrepreneur and owner of Kuzzos Chicken and Waffles on Livernois in Detroit.  Ron was born and raised in Detroit and believes strongly in its revitalization.  Ron has purchased several properties downtown and has taken one of those properties to open up an amazing chicken and waffles business that is absolutely booming.  Hear how Ron handles his biggest problem, too much business.  Yes, it’s a good problem but still a problem.

Jeff Sloan, Ron Bartell, and Norm Pappas.

Mark Clayton, former wide receiver with the Rams and Ravens, now founder of Livv Headphones also joined in on the conversation.  Mark saw a problem and came up with the solution and now well on his way to becoming as big a mogul in the conference room as he was on the football field.  The problem was not having a pair of headphones that were comfortable while working out.  He and his team designed headphones that are lightweight, wireless, water/sweat resistant with onboard MP3 storage that will not fall off while running.

Ron and Mark also talk about how they became entrepreneurs the first time they touched a football.  Each athlete is really their own corporation.  They have to have a fantastic product (themselves), market / sell their services to the right business (NFL team) negotiate their contracts and all other aspects that all of us entrepreneurs do every day. So, for them, they are continuing being entrepreneurs, just this time with different products.

Hear more of this conversation with Ron and Mark on this edition of StartupNation Radio.

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