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Jeff and Kristi broadcast live from the Main Street Now 2016 Conference in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Once a year, all the Main Street leaders get together to share ideas on how to improve their home towns. Through seminars, break-out sessions and networking, these leaders learn new ways to improve their Main Streets culture, community and business.

Main Street Nation Radio welcomes Ron Drake from Ron Drake Consulting and Ben Muldrow from Arnett Muldrow Associates to the show.  No matter what condition your Main Street is in, there are ways to make it better.  Ben and Ron have worked in cities where the Main Street was a dilapidated ghost town that needed a complete re-do to cities that just needed to re-brand themselves to give it a fresh look.

Each Main Street has it’s own unique charisma and charm.  Today’s show shares with you how to find what makes your Main Street unique and what you can do with that knowledge to make your hometown thrive.

So, whether your main street community has a population of 300 or 30,000, there is no reason why your Hometowns culture, community and businesses can’t thrive.

Ben Muldrow, a Partner at Arnett Muldrow & Associates, is responsible for all community marketing and branding functions of the Greenville, SC-based urban planning firm. Ben helps communities to develop their brand identity through an open process including public design sessions and collaborative small groups. He has designed new branding and marketing elements for revitalization projects in over 300 communities.  The younger, smarter, and more handsome Muldrow is a popular speaker for State Main Street Managers Trainings, Tourism Conferences, and National Main Street Town Meetings.A Greenville native and a graduate of the University of South Carolina, Muldrow was Strategic Branding Manager for NewSouth Communications and Owner of Mudduck Design, an advertising and graphic design company specializing in design for residential home builders, developers, real estate, and support businesses in the industry.
Ron Drake is a man of passion for historic and vibrant communities! Ron has a great talent for seeing the diamond in the rough, coming up with a plan to polish the diamond, then perfectly executing this plan in order to make that diamond really shine!

His unique and strategic plan when evaluating a city ensures that all the key players are included along with listening to what the community has to say.

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