StartupNation Radio feat. Ruby+Associates and 1-800-SWEEPER

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff is joined in the co-host seat by Norm Pappas, president and CEO of Pappas Financial.

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To kick off the show, Jeff and Norm interview Tricia Ruby, president and CEO of Ruby+Associates, a company that designs and engineers exceptional solutions to the world’s most challenging structural engineering projects.

During the interview, Tricia talks about

  • The entrepreneurial background of Ruby+Associates
  • Her history with the company and when she took over her family business as CEO
  • The services her company provides
  • How she’s grown Ruby+Associates under her leadership
  • The importance of a positive work culture
  • Her company’s response to COVID-19

For more information on Ruby+Associates, visit the official website or LinkedIn.

Next up, Jeff and Norm interview Mike Lucht, president at 1-800-SWEEPER, a high-quality, cost-effective and national sweeping service matching the right people and equipment for the job.

During the show, Mike shares:

  • The background of his business, 1-800-SWEEPER
  • The company’s business model
  • Why the vanity phone number was key for his company’s branding
  • The importance of securing a domain name under the same branding
  • The importance of search engine optimization and how SEO helped grow the business
  • How he provides partners with exclusive competitive advantage on marketing and equipment

For more on 1-800-SWEEPER, visit the official website.

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We’ll be back next Saturday with an all-new edition of StartupNation Radio!

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