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On this episode of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, interviews Lindsey Walenga of Siren PR, and Stephanie Steinberg and Jake Serwer of The Detroit Writing Room.

We were fortunate to welcome Lindsey to the show again just shortly after interviewing her at Detroit Startup Week!

Lindsey is the CEO of Siren PR, a strategic public relations firm located in Royal Oak. As CEO, Lindsey is responsible for Siren’s strategic direction, business strategy and growth, while driving innovation for her team and its clients.

During the show, Lindsey discusses:

  • The state of PR today, and why public relations is crucial to business success
  • The importance of authenticity
  • Why PR is different from marketing, but how the two work together
  • When is the right time for a startup to hire a PR firm?
  • Tips for entrepreneurs who want to get started with PR on their own prior to hiring a firm

For more information on Siren PR, visit the official website, or follow Lindsey on Instagram.

Next up, Jeff chats with Stephanie Steinberg and Jake Serwer of The Detroit Writing Room, a co-working space for writers that offers writing, photography and graphic design coaching.

Founder and CEO of The Detroit Writing Room, Stephanie envisioned opening a space where fellow writers could benefit from her editing talents and those of award-winning writers, authors and journalists. She opened The Detroit Writing Room with her husband and business partner, Jake, who serves as president, in June 2019.

Stephanie is also managing editor of SEEN Magazine, while Jake is founder and CEO of Espresso Public Relations, a PR firm that works with Detroit entrepreneurs and businesses.

Throughout the interview, Stephanie and Jake talk about: 

  • The Detroit Writing Room’s one-of-a-kind business model
  • Their roster of award-winning writing coaches
  • How business has been since The Detroit Writing Room opened in June
  • Their husband/wife business partnership
  • The challenges that came with opening the business (i.e. finding the right space, funding)

In addition to services and memberships, The Detroit Writing Room hosts writing workshops and events, including its upcoming Pitch Your Story Competition on Thursday, Oct. 10, 2019.

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